STORYBOX Playback Theatre

Who We Are
Storybox Playback Theatre is a Chinese-English bilingual playback theatre company in Toronto established in 2010. We are an ensemble of performers coming from all walks of occupations and professions.  We are deeply affected and in love with this inspiring, inclusive form of theatre. Some of us are co-founders of the company who have been practicing playback theatre for over a decade. Others have joined our family through workshops and open house play day. We are trained by the Centre for Playback Theatre in New York as well as international instructors from Asia and Europe. We value respect, diversity, creativity, and fun.

What We Do
Storybox Playback Theatre offers performances and workshops for a wide range of organizations. We have been performing for social organizations and support groups such as special need children-parents support group, mental health association, cancer patients support group, and community services etc.

Vision Statement
Storybox Playback Theatre is dedicated to create a safe space for individuals to share their personal stories and transform into a shared communal experience. Our work offers opportunities for reflection, life transformation, fostering communication and trust. Together we honor personal stories, build community, share tears, laughter and fun!